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Slub Design is Ray Buetens and Staci Sambol

We are a graphic design business based in Aptos, California. Slub Design represents over 35 years of graphic design ex­per­ience in and beyond the pub­lishing industry. Art direction and design of adver­tising, news­papers, magazines, and books. We are Publication Design Specialists but design in a wide variety of media.

Slub Design creates high quality, great looking books (including e-books), publi­cations, websites, pro­motional materials, and more. Contact us with any questions.

Art º Robert Moskowitz died recently. He left us with wonderful minimalist abstracting paintings and graphic work.

The theory of eclipses involving the sun and moon from the 1851 book "The Iconographic Encyclopedia of Science, Literature, and Art". For #solareclipse2024, it will be the moon blocking the light from the sun.

#eclipse #eclipse2024 #illustration

We had been waiting way too long for someone to ask us to design retro-band stickers!